Bird counting through 'Chhimeki Chara' for the first time in Nepal

KANCHAPUR - Counting of birds will begin through 'Chhimeki Chara' app at 66 districts including Kanchanpur from February 19. The Bird Conservation Nepal is going to carry out counting of birds through app for the first time in Nepal. Ornithologist Hirulal Dagaura said that the organisation is mobilizing the volunteers to count the birds through app.

"The volunteers will download the 'Chhimeki Chara' app on their mobile phones, take photos of birds found near the house, schools, streets and parks and upload them in the app for archiving", he shared.

Dagaura added that province, district and local-level have been categorized in the app and the volunteers would upload the photo of birds with their species from their location. Counting of birds would be conducted through volunteers for half-an-hour on February 19 in the first phase, he said.

After analyzing the result of bird counting of the first phase, it would be deicide in which months counting of birds would be done in the second phase, Dagaura mentioned, adding the result of counting of birds would be published in local media and website of Birdlife Nepal. More than 1,000 would be mobilized for the same.

Bird counting through app is going to be done to show the importance of birds, to make neighbouring bird-friendly, and to make people aware about bird conservation. The app has the list of birds found across the nation.


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